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Alexandre Ponsin, CTO TextMaster

by Alexandre Ponsin

March 26, 2014

online translation services
After months of late nights and excessive amounts of coffee, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new for professional translation services and SEO web content. All year, we’ve been listening to your feedback and analyzing our online platform to see how we could make it better.


You may have heard whispers about it on Twitter last week, but we wanted to take some time to add a few little improvements and fix any unforeseen bugs before announcing the news. Now, we’re ready to shout it from the rooftops: Come one, come all, see our brand new website!


We’re excited and we can see that a lot of you are too, but we know that there are some people that let out an exasperated sigh every time they see a change. That’s why we’re easing you into the new design with a little walk-through. We’re sure that even those of you who still can’t let go of your mp3 players will like using the improved platform.


Getting Started


Head over to and sign up or log in.


online translation platform login


This will bring you to the Dashboard where you get an overview of your projects and start a new one.

translation services dashboard

New Feature! Have you seen the new top menu? We’ve added a Notification Center and an Inbox for your discussions with your writers. Don’t forget you, you can buy credits and start a new project from the big + button on the top right.

Order Professional Translation Online


Whether you need English to Spanish translation of just one document or an entire website of hundreds of product descriptions translated into 10 languages, you can do it in just a few clicks on the platform.


Click the New Project button and you’ll see a page where you can upload documents or enter the text manually.
online translation services


After clicking Continue, you can choose the service level and extra options.


online translation services 2


New Feature! You’ll notice that you can now see an estimate of how many hours it will take to process your order. This changes based on the service level and options that you select.

Customize your order with additional options, review your quote and estimated turnaround time and click Order to launch the project.


online translation services 3


The process for placing a proofreading order is similar to the translation process, so just follow the steps above.


Content Writing Services


It only takes 3 steps to order high quality SEO web content (and all other types too: brochures, newsletters, etc.) Click New Project and select Copywriting. Create a new project (for example, a series of articles about vacations in all 50 states).


New Feature! In the Special Instructions tab you’ll find a template to help you write a detailed briefing so that your writer will know exactly what you need.

seo web content order


Add individual tasks to your project  (in this example, each task is for an article about vacations in one state).

seo web content order 2


Select your service level and extra options. Review the quote and turnaround time and place your order.


New Feature! You’ll notice that you can now see an estimate of how many hours it will take to process your order. This changes based on the service level and options that you select.

seo web content order 3


Monitoring Your Projects


New Feature! Our improved My Projects dashboard allows you to see the status of each project and the percentage of completion. You can also easily filter projects by service level, type, status, language and category.

translation web content dashboard


Managing Individual Projects


When you click on an individual project, you’ll be taken to the Project Information page. You can Download, Duplicate, Cancel, and Pause the project in the top blue bar.


New Feature! You can view your project briefing, task briefing and task content of projects that are in progress.


New Feature! You can approve or ask for a revision for multiple projects at once by either clicking the select button or the Select All button and accept to approve or revision to ask for a revision.
TextMaster translation web content project


View/Approve Individual Tasks

To go to an individual task, just click the preview icon. As in the previous version, you can view the discussion with the writer on this page. You can also approve the document (or ask for a revision) in the middle of the right sidebar.
TextMaster approve translation seo content project


New Feature! You can now see the status of individual tasks.
TextMaster translation seo web content status

Notifications and Messages

New Feature! Never miss an important alert about a project or message from a writer. Your notification center contains all your alerts about the status of your projects, payments, and other account-related information.


Your Inbox contains all your discussions with writers and translators on the platform. You can see which document the discussion is being referred to by clicking the preview icon in the top right corner.

translation platform message


Still have questions? Feel free to call us at 917-387-4916 or email


We welcome all your feedback about the new website and any suggestions about future features. 

Until next time,
The TextMaster Team

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