How to Hire a Freelance Writer that Understands your Brand

Hire a freelance writer

You’ve spent time and energy perfecting your company’s website, but the work isn’t over yet! In today’s content-hungry world, your customers want to stay informed and engaged through articles, tutorials, videos and photos. While you may have been able to write your website internally (or hired a web agency on a one-time project), this is probably not your best approach for creating content on an continual basis.

Many companies choose to hire a freelance writer but worry about creating a smooth transition between their existing content and the writer’s work. To make the process easier (and more efficient), remember these 5 steps when you hire a freelance writer:


1. Tell them about your company

While a good writer will look at your website and try to understand your corporate voice, they’re not mind readers. You need to give them the under-the-surface insight, like your mission and history, so that they can create content that matches your brand identity.


2. Explain your content goals

All content has a purpose – whether it is to entertain, educate or create stronger customer relationships. Your freelance writer needs to know your goals in order to be able to write truly effective content.


3. Describe your audience

Over time, your freelance writer will gain a deeper understanding of your audience, but in the beginning, you need to give them as much information as possible about your target customer. If you haven’t already created buyer personas, at least describe your audience’s habits, characteristics, needs and wants.


4. Give examples

To ensure that your new content is cohesive with your existing website and marketing materials, choose a few examples that you feel demonstrate your corporate voice so that your freelance writer can use the same style, tone and vocabulary.


5. Provide feedback

Take the time to give comments and direction to your writer in the beginning of your collaboration so that they can fine-tune their work. While this can take a bit more time in the beginning, it will pay off in the long run.

As we mentioned earlier, freelance writers aren’t mind readers, so to ensure that their work matches your expectations, you need to give them a good understanding of your business, customers and needs.

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