5 Ways that TextMaster’s PrestaShop Module Will Save You Time

by Elizaveta Naumov

August 11, 2014

Almost a year ago, we launched our PrestaShop translation module to help you translate (or proofread) your online store. It’s one of our most popular plugins, so we decided to shed a little light on how it can make your product catalog translations faster and easier.


1. It’s free to download, test and get an instant quote before you translate

We realize that PrestaShop stores come in many sizes, with a range of budgets. Since our module is free to download and install, you can play around with it before buying the actual translations. The module allows you to select the number of products you want translated, as well as the specific fields (meta data, short description, long description, etc.) This allows you to find out how much your project will cost before you buy.


2. No more back and forth between platforms

Unlike regular platforms (or agencies), there’s no need download and upload your product catalog a million times. Everything is managed directly through your PrestaShop back-office and when the translation is finished, you can simply integrate it into your existing product description with just one click.


3. Better communication with your translator

Our module lets you associate messages with specific product descriptions, meaning that you (and your translator) won’t get lost trying to figure out which product you are referring to. This also eliminates an enormous amount of errors due to miscommunication.


4. Access to a network of translators in 100 language pairs

The beauty of TextMaster is that we gather the best translators in over 15 languages all in one place – our TextMaster network. This means you don’t need to waste time trying to find a new translator for every new language that you need to add – they’re already working for us. No more asking for quotes, negotiating terms and monitoring deadlines. It’s all done for you through TextMaster.


5. No more wasted time correcting bad translations

One of the biggest benefits of using our PrestaShop module to translate your store is that it is powered by a network of human translators, not machines. They can reword your product descriptions so that it sounds natural to local shoppers and even bring to light any issues (local phone number needs to be changed, etc). Automatic translation services like Google Translate may be smart, but they won’t ever beat the insight of a human.


Curious? Need a little help?

If you have questions or would like some help with our PrestaShop translation module, feel free to contact us at (646)741-5259 or sales@textmaster.com. Ready to try out the module? Click here!

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