Holiday Content Marketing Tips and Ideas

by Elizaveta Naumov

December 22, 2014


As the holidays approach, many marketers want to adapt their content to fit the season, but don’t know how to give it a fresh twist. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, but we do have a few ideas and examples to get your content marketing going through the holidays and beyond.

1. Get Emotional

The holidays are a time for sharing and caring, but this doesn’t just mean a cheesy “Happy Holidays” newsletter. Tell your customers, partners, and suppliers how your work together has had a positive impact on your business. Of course this can be through a personalized newsletter, you what about publishing an in-depth blog post or even a video from your team? The point is that the holiday season is the perfect time to really nurture your existing relationships. Don’t be the only one talking either. Ask your customers to share their own holiday stories, photos and videos.

2. Create a Character

John Lewis’ famous Monty the Penguin ad and surrounding content is the perfect example of how creating a character and storyline can make an immense impact with your audience. Not only does the ad itself strike a chord with viewers, but it also created a community of fans that followed Mabel and Monty’s Twitter accounts and even bought the Monty penguin toys.

While you may not have the time or budget for a Monty-sized campaign, consider using storytelling to give your holiday content marketing some dimension.

3. Don’t forget the New Year

The holidays are about spending time with family, but also about making plans for 2015. New Year’s resolutions can be exciting but often stressful, so show your customers how you can help them achieve their goals. Informative newsletters, tutorials on your blog or how-to videos are all great ways to stay connected with your customer and guide them through keeping their resolutions.

4. Give a Preview

The end of the year is a great time to look back on the successes of the past year but it’s also a perfect opportunity to give your audience a preview of what they can expect in the new year. Get them excited about upcoming products and services and use this chance to see their reactions and gain feedback. This will help you make last-minute tweaks so that your offering matches your customer’s needs.

Enjoy the holidays

From a marketing point of view, the holidays are one of the most creative and exciting times of the year. You can get out those crazy ideas and experiment to see what resonates the most with your customers.

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