[In the news] Disney’s cultural adaptation challenges; global growth mistakes and marketing effectiveness factors

by Elizaveta Naumov

June 23, 2016

  disneyshanghai This week we're sharing the top stories from around the world to help you with your international expansion: Disney's challenges with adapting its Disneyland Shanghai translations to match local preferences The main mistakes companies make when going abroad, from failure to...
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Which language will dethrone English on the internet?

popular languages internet There are over 7000 languages used around the world, with English having the most native speakers around the world, followed by Chinese and Spanish. Today, English also takes top online, as it was the original language when the Internet was created and is still the main...
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5 Key Factors to Succeed in the Chinese Market

Tips-entering-chinese-market China, which represents 13.3% of global GDP, is the world leader in export and the top economic powerhouse. According to the IMF, it has been surpassing the US in terms of GDP and purchasing power since 2014. For the last 30 years, China has been experiencing...
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99designs & Internationalisation: What We Can Learn


by Guest

May 30, 2016

99designs internationalisation 99designs shares their journey of going from a ‘small Aussie company’ to an international marketplace, and everything they learned along the way.
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[In the News] Optimistic outlook for international business and tips for taking your marketing abroad

Publicate-05-2016-1 This week we're sharing the must-read articles on international business, marketing and ecommerce: Three ways to make your brand resonate with global consumers A step-by-step guide for targeting international visitors to your online store in Facebook How to boost your...
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